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Inheriting Heaven (Feature Film)

Feature Film

Action, LGBTQ


April 2023


Los Angeles, CA

The sound of the ocean is deafening as Heaven Blacksmith, world renowned Caymanian-American archeologist, dives down to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. She dives further and further, deeper into the waters that washed away the histories of her family, further than light has ever touched. As the tide shifts and fish move past her in a large school, the ruins of a large and old ship are revealed, hidden on the ocean floor.

Her light searches across the ruins when suddenly a shimmer of light catches her glance. She’s almost out of oxygen, and the storm brewing far above leaves her crew questioning her survival. She’s unwavering. Her attention stays fixated on a shimmering fragment glowing in the darkness with a small gem - somehow untouched by time. As the storm rages up above, her crew’s nerves grow by the second. Her oxygen is out, she’s been down there for too long. Just as her crew has nearly given up, her hand bursts through the ocean’s surface. The shimmering relic shining through her fingers...

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