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Take a Dive into my world 

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Glass Hand


The word that defines me best. It is in the fiber of my DNA and it pumps the blood that keeps me going. I'm grateful to have been a creative through multiple disciplines, and to have had each practice weave together to create the fiber of my life. 

Performance was my first love. I found myself enraptured by the wit and humor of Will Smith growing up, and deeply moved by the depth and subtley of Denzel Washington. I began my professional performance career in the illustrious Chicago theatre scene, there I developed my artistic voice and aligned my inner compass to the frequency of the art that I have since dedicated my life to.  

Over time, my inclination towards storytelling evolved into writing, driven by a desire to express my own identity that often felt unheard. Guided by the beacon of telling Queer black narratives, I found my purpose. This guiding light remains constant in my life, whether I'm engaged in screenwriting or copywriting for diverse brands. I have made it my personal mission to amplify the voices of those within my specific community, ensuring that they are not only heard but also represented in the media.


Through my creative endeavors, I strive to shine a spotlight on marginalized communities and empower them. It is through this commitment that I seek to make a lasting impact, fostering inclusivity and visibility for all.

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